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Monthly Archive for April, 2013

Monday Update for April 29th

May is almost here and that means that this Sunday you will be able to see the Rat City Ruckus play the Kraken!!

Date Event Venue City Time Map Tickets
05/05/13 Rat City Ruckus The Kraken Seattle , WA 9:00pm Map

We have a bunch of other shows coming up in the month of May as well. Keep an eye out for new shows on the Rockin’ Stan Calendar!!

Thanks for supporting music!!RatCityRuckusAtCompany


Monday Update for April 22nd

We don’t have any shows this week to tell you about but May is shaping up to be a busy month. Check back here for updates on shows and news about Rockin’ Stan bands

Thanks for supporting music!!!

Monday Update For April 15th

Amongst the taxes and the bombings Rockin’ Stan brings you some entertainment. That’s right… Today has been full of suck but on Saturday night Rat City Ruckus is, well, bringing the ruckus to Arlington, Washington (No east coasters not that Arlington…). So all of you north enders need to get up and get out to see this!

Date Event Venue City Time Map Tickets
04/20/13 Rat City Ruckus Mirkwood Arlington, WA 8:00pm Map

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Tony enjoys a nice, refreshing Rockin' Stan

Tony enjoys a nice, refreshing Rockin’ Stan

Monday Update For April 8th

This week we have no new shows to tell you about but we do have a bunch coming up in the near future. Blue Ribbon Boys, Rat City Ruckus and The Heels all have shows in the next couple of months and you won’t want to miss those.

Check back often to see any updates on the calendar!

Thanks for supporting independent music!!

Pick The Best


Monday Update For April 1st

Oh my goodness it’s April! This is where we are supposed to say something unbelievable like, “Rockin’ Stan Records signs Britney Spears!” and then go on about how it’s really not a joke or some crap like that…

This is also the day where we tell you about all the shows that we have coming up and no, it’s not a joke, but; we don’t have any shows to tell you about this week.

We do, however want to point you at a little teeny tiny mention over at the Stranger’s Line Out where they say that you can’t find The Heels on Google. And after some extensive thirty seconds of investigation that turns out to be bullshit. Because three out of the top five items returned point to The Heels.


So anyway… Check back often for additions to the calendar and every Monday for an update to what the hell is going on here at Rockin’ Stan.

Thanks for playing!!