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Neon Nights play 4th of July Marginal Way Benefit!

What’s more patriotic than rocking out and benefiting your local DIY skatepark? Nothing that’s what!

Exercise your right to build and destroy!


CANCELED DIY! Rat City Ruckus at Marginal Way Skatepark

THIS HAS BEEN CANCELED. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s right. Rat City Ruckus and Rockin’ Stan Records are going DIY just like Marginal Way DIY skatepark.

Be there at around 5pm or earlier if your like us and get to skating and listening to Rat City Ruckus do it themselves. There’s no net or a porta toilet either. Donate some money to the park if you like and we will get it to the Marginal Way guys.

Tear it up!

E Marginal Way S & S Hanford St
Seattle, WA, USA