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At Rockin’ Stan Records we have signed and put out records with bands that we like ourselves. We hope that you like them too.Give a listen at each one of their pages and, then, buy every one of them like we know you want to.

These are the bands under the Rockin’ Stan Umbrella:

Tough Times

The Heels

Rats In The Grass

Rat City Ruckus

Check out the Rockin’ Stan records Band Camp page for downloads and listening!

Bands that are no longer active can be found on the band archive page.

Rockin’ Stan music can also be found at other places so search for your favorite Rockin’ Stan bands on the following sites or ask for them at your local record store:

  1. CD Baby
  2. Digstation
  3. iTunes
  4. Interpunk
  5. Trade Bit
  7. Amie Street