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Other shows
Date Event Venue City Time Map
07/09/16The HeelsDarrell's TavernShoreline, WA8:00pmMap
05/23/16Tough TimesFunhouseSeattle, WA8:30pmMap
05/14/16The HeelsSubstationSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/17/16Tough TimesLo-Fi Seattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/03/16Tough TimesRendezvousSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/25/16Tough TimesLucky LiquorTukwila, WA9:00pmMap
03/11/16The HeelsCafe RacerSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/05/16The HeelsVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/13/16The HeelsLucky LiquorTukwila, WA9:00pmMap
01/30/16Donnie's Simpsons 50th BirthdayBlack Zia CantinaBurien, WA8:00pmMap
01/22/16Rat City RuckusThe KrakenSeattle , WA9:00pmMap
11/21/15The HeelsLucky LiquorTukwila, WA9:00pmMap
11/04/15The HeelsFunhouseSeattle, WA8:30pmMap
09/26/15The HeelsDuh VernPortland, Oregon6:00pmMap
08/02/15The HeelsChop SueySeattle, WA3:00pmMap
07/03/15The HeelsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/27/15The HeelsCafe RacerSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/18/15The HeelsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/09/15Blue Ribbon BoysLucky LiquorTukwila, WA9:00pmMap
05/02/15The HeelsBlue MoonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/17/15Blue Ribbon BoysBlack Zia CantinaBurien, WA9:00pmMap
04/14/15The HeelsThe Sunset TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/14/15The HeelsTim's TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/07/15Donnie's Speed Racer Birthday!MixSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/17/15The HeelsBlue MoonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/13/14The HeelsEl Norte LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/05/14Blue Ribbon BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/07/14Blue Ribbon BoysBlack Zia CantinaBurien, WA8:00pmMap
10/17/14Blue Ribbon BoysMixSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/11/14The HeelsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/13/14The HeelsThe JosephineSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/17/14Rats In The GrassTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
08/08/14The HeelsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/07/14Rats In The GrassTractor TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/26/14The HeelsCafe RacerSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/19/14Rat City Ruckus & Blue Ribbon BoysBig Al BrewingSeattle, WA5:00pmMap
07/12/14The HeelsTim's TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/28/14Blue Ribbon BoysTim's TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/20/14Rats In The GrassFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA5:00pmMap
06/14/14Rats In The GrassMac's Triangle PubSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
06/07/14Rats In The GrassUnderground Events CenterSeattle, WA4:00pmMap
06/07/14The Heels2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/30/14Blue Ribbon BoysLo-Fi Seattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/13/14Rats In The GrassWhole Foods Market (South Lake Union)Seattle, WA5:00pmMap
05/05/14Rats In The GrassBlack Zia CantinaBurien, WA9:00pmMap
04/11/14The Heels2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:30pmMap
04/10/14The HeelsSpud Goodman Show7:00pmMap
04/08/14Rats In The GrassWhole Foods Market (South Lake Union)Seattle, WA5:00pmMap
03/28/14The HeelsDarrell's TavernShoreline, WA9:00pmMap
03/28/14Blue Ribbon BoysRendezvousSeattle, WA10:00pmMap
03/22/14The HeelsBob's Java JiveTacoma, WA8:00pmMap
01/31/14The Heels, Blue Ribbon Boys play Donnie D's Big Birthday AdventureBlack Zia CantinaBurien, WA9:00pmMap
12/28/13Blue Ribbon BoysLo-Fi Seattle, WA7:00pmMap
12/07/13Blue Ribbon BoysDarrell's TavernShoreline, WA8:00pmMap
11/08/13Rats In The GrassVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/02/13Blue Ribbon BoysHousepartySeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/20/13The HeelsBogartsSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/10/13Benefit for Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribal SkateparkBogartsSeattle, WA3:00pmMap
08/01/13Rat City RuckusReBarSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/26/13Neon Nights2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/29/13Rat City RuckusFuelSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/29/13Blue Ribbon Boys, Conniption Fits2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
06/21/13Blue Ribbon BoysThe HighlineSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/31/13Rat City Ruckus (Timm Shere Benefit)Victory LoungeSeattle, WA9:30pmMap
05/26/13Rat City Ruckus2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/19/13Blue Ribbon BoysRendezvousSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/18/13The Heels (Record Release)RendezvousSeattle, WA10:00pmMap
05/10/13The HeelsRainy Day RecordsOlympia, WA9:00pmMap
05/05/13Rat City RuckusThe KrakenSeattle , WA9:00pmMap
04/20/13Rat City RuckusMirkwoodArlington, WA8:00pmMap
03/29/13The HeelsCafe RacerSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/09/13Conniption Fits2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/23/13Conniption Fits (Punk Rock Circus)2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA3:00pmMap
02/22/13Neon Nights (Punk Rock Circus)2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
02/22/13The Heels (Punk Rock Circus)2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
02/08/13Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
02/08/13Blue Ribbon BoysMississippi PizzaPortland, OR9:00pmMap
02/02/13Donnie D's Birthday BashMac's Triangle PubSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/26/13Conniption FitsThe CharlestonBremerton, WA6:00pmMap
01/18/13Rat City RuckusClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/12/13Conniption FitsThe RedroomTacoma, WA8:00pmMap
01/11/13Conniption FitsClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/31/12Conniption FitsThe Loch'sTacoma, WA6:00pmMap
12/20/12The HeelsChop SueySeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/14/12The HeelsRendezvousSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/11/12Conniption FitsClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/07/12Conniption FitsTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
11/17/12Conniption FitsWallys House of BoozeWenatchee, WA8:00pmMap
11/16/12Rats In The GrassThe Sunset TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/16/12Conniption FitsThe KrakenSeattle , WA9:00pmMap
11/12/12Blue Ribbon BoysMars Bar & Cafe VenusSeattle , WA8:00pmMap
11/10/12Rats In The GrassAnnie's Art and FrameSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
11/10/12Conniption FitsLe VoyeurOlympia, WA9:00pmMap
11/08/12Rat City RuckusThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/03/12Rats In The GrassTractor TavernSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
10/29/12Blue Ribbon Boys (Funhouse Employee Benefit)FunhouseSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
10/28/12Rats In The Tower (Rats In The Grass & Water Tower covering punk songs)FunhouseSeattle, WA9:30pmMap
10/26/12Conniption FitsThe KrakenSeattle , WA9:00pmMap
10/25/12Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/23/12Blue Ribbon Boys as New York DollsRendezvousSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/20/12Rats In The GrassAlki TavernSeattle, WA4:00pmMap
10/18/12Conniption FitsClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/14/12Conniption FitsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/07/12Rats In The GrassIssaquah Salmon Days FestivalIssaquah, WA3:30pmMap
10/06/12Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
10/05/12Blue Ribbon Boys Gothtoberfest 80s goth dance partyClam ShackSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
08/24/12RAT CITY RUCKUSVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/23/12RAT CITY RUCKUSComet tavseattle, wa9:00pmMap
08/04/12BLUE RIBBON BOYSStudio 7Seattle, WA7:30pmMap
07/28/12Rat City RuckusGrove Street BrewhouseShelton, WA8:00pmMap
07/27/12Rat City RuckusThe HighlineSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/21/12Rat City Ruckus - Bobcat's Birthday RoastFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/20/12Dubilee Jays Fre-Punk PartyCompany Bar (White Center)Seattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/13/12CONNIPTION FITSClub MSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/07/12Rats In The GrassConor ByrneSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/27/12RAT CITY RUCKUSComet tavseattle, wa9:00pmMap
06/23/12RATS IN THE GRASSBig Al BrewingSeattle, WA12:00pmMap
06/16/12CONNIPTION FITS & BLUE RIBBON BOYS2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/09/12RATS IN THE GRASSGeorge Town CarnivalSeattle, WA4:00pmMap
06/01/12RATS IN THE GRASSTractor TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/20/12BLUE RIBBON BOYSClub MSeattle, WA1:00pmMap
05/18/12RAT CITY RUCKUSEl CorazonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/10/12CONNIPTION FITSmorgueseattle, wa9:00pmMap
04/19/12RATS IN THE GRASSTractor TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/09/12BLUE RIBBON BOYSFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/03/12CONNIPTION FITSComet tavseattle, wa9:00pmMap
03/29/12BLUE RIBBON BOYS2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/23/12RAT CITY RUCKUSTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
03/09/12BLUE RIBBON BOYSFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/29/12RAT CITY RUCKUSFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/24/12Conniption FitsEl CorazonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/24/12Rat City RuckusKing Cat TheaterSeattle, WA7:30pmMap
01/12/12RATS IN THE GRASSTractor TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/07/12BLUE RIBBON BOYSClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/17/11RATS IN THE GRASSTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
12/14/11Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/03/11Butch's Birthday Party with Rat City Ruckus Alki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/02/11Rat City RuckusGalway ArmsSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/21/11RATS IN THE GRASSTractor TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/12/11Rat City Ruckus2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/11/11BLUE RIBBON BOYSFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/11/11RAT CITY RUCKUS w/ Hippie Speedball and Dots are CirclesBender'sRenton, WA8:00pmMap
11/04/11Blue Ribbon BoysClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/22/11Rat City Ruckus and Downstrokes after partyCompany Bar (White Center)Seattle, WA11:00pmMap
10/21/11Rats In The GrassAlki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/01/11blue ribbon boysdorkys barcadetacoma, wa9:00pmMap
09/22/11BLUE RIBBON BOYS tour kick offFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/18/11RAT CITY RUCKUS2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
08/20/11Neon Nights - Sound FestFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
08/20/11Rats In The GrassAlki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/15/11Blue Ribbon BoysCompany Bar (White Center)Seattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/11/11Rat City RuckusGeorge Town CarnivalSeattle, WA1:00pmMap
05/28/11Blue Ribbon BoysEl CorazonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/27/11Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/21/11Rat City RuckusIndustry loungeseattle, wa9:00pmMap
05/20/11Blue Ribbon BoysTiger LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/14/11Neon NightsBelltown Undergroundseattle, washington9:00pmMap
05/07/11Pinewood Derby Jubilee Days BenefitBig Al BrewingSeattle, WA2:00pmMap
04/22/11Night Boat to Nippon!FunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/15/11Brian and skot b-day bash2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/09/11Blue Ribbon BoysVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/09/11Rat City RuckusMac's Triangle PubSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/08/11Rat City RuckusGalway ArmsSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/26/11Blue Ribbon BoysLo-Fi Seattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/25/11Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/19/11Blue Ribbon BoysTug Innseattle, wa8:00pmMap
03/18/11the Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/12/11Rat City RuckusIndustry loungeseattle, wa8:00pmMap
03/05/11Rat City RuckusMatrix coffeechehalis, wa8:00pmMap
02/05/11Donnie's Big LuauRendezvousSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/29/11Neon Nights & Blue Ribbon BoysTiger LoungeSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/22/11Rat City RuckusThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/15/11Neon NightsTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
01/14/11Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/14/11Neon NightsDarrell's TavernShoreline, WA9:00pmMap
12/11/10Neon NightsJ and M CafeSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/11/10Guns For Radios Live on KEXPKEXPSeattle, WA3:00pmMap
12/10/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/03/10Neon NightsChop SueySeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/03/10Blue Ribbon BoysMotorSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/29/10Blue Ribbon BoysChop SueySeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/27/10Rat City RuckusMotorSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/27/10Blue Ribbon BoysTony V's GarageEverett, WA8:00pmMap
11/20/10Blue Ribbon BoysClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/13/10Rat City Ruckus Party!Full Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/06/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/06/10Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/23/10Rats in the Grass (Rat City Ruckus Members)Alki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/23/10Blue Ribbon BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/16/10Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
10/16/10Wrecked ChordsThe Shanty TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/15/10Neon NightsThe Anchor PubEverett, WA9:00pmMap
10/09/10Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA1:00pmMap
10/08/10Guns for RadiosThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/24/10Rat City RuckusSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/18/10Wrecked ChordsThe CometSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
07/30/10Rat City Ruckus2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/24/10Neon NightsWhiskey Dick'sSouth Lake Tahoe, CA8:00pmMap
07/23/10Neon NightsSpike'sRosemead, CA8:00pmMap
07/21/10Neon NightsThe Blue CafeHuntington Beach, CA8:00pmMap
07/18/10Neon NightsBen's BackyardAnaheim, CA2:00pmMap
07/18/10Neon NightsRoute 66 Roadhouse & TavernDuarte, CA9:30pmMap
07/18/10Wrecked Chords - Jubilee DaysWhite Center Jubilee DaysSeattle, WA12:30pmMap
07/17/10Neon NightsGoodfellasRancho Cucamonga, CA8:00pmMap
07/17/10Blue Ribbon Boys - Jubilee DaysWhite Center Jubilee DaysSeattle, WA4:30pmMap
07/17/10Rat City Ruckus - Jubilee DaysWhite Center Jubilee DaysSeattle, WA5:15pmMap
07/16/10Neon NightsDIVEBARLas Vegas, NV8:00pmMap
07/15/10Neon NightsGold Mine TavernHenderson, NV8:00pmMap
07/15/10Blue Ribbon BoysEl CorazonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/14/10Neon NightsFriar Tuck'sPamona, CA8:00pmMap
07/12/10Neon NightsOld Town PubPasadina, CA8:00pmMap
07/11/10Neon NightsRoute 66 Roadhouse & TavernDuarte, CA8:00pmMap
07/10/10Neon NightsThe Caravan LoungeSan Jose, CA8:00pmMap
07/09/10Neon NightsKimo's BarSan Francisco, CA8:00pmMap
07/07/10Neon NightsAsh Street SaloonPortland, OR8:00pmMap
07/06/10Neon NightsThe CometSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/04/10Neon NightsEl CorazonSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
07/03/10Blue Ribbon Boys & Wrecked ChordsAlki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/03/10Neon Nights2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/02/10Neon NightsWinterlandBremerton, WA8:00pmMap
06/12/10Blue Ribbon BoysTiger LoungeSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/05/10Blue Ribbon BoysVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/29/10Blue Ribbon BoysThe LabSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
05/29/10Blue Ribbon BoysClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/23/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/20/10Rat City RuckusJazzbonesTacoma, WA9:00pmMap
05/13/10Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/08/10Blue Ribbon BoysMerchants CafeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/08/10Neon Nights 2 Bit Saloon opening!2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/07/10Neon NightsGrumpy's TavernLongview, WA8:00pmMap
04/30/10Rat City RuckusVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/30/10Neon NightsRendezvousSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/24/10Blue Ribbon BoysMALARKEYSTacoma, WA9:00pmMap
04/24/10Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
04/17/10Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/17/10Neon NightsWinterlandBremerton, WA9:00pmMap
04/16/10Neon NightsMirkwoodArlington, WA9:00pmMap
04/10/10Wrecked ChordsTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
04/10/10Wrecked ChordsTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
04/08/10Blue Ribbon BoysMac's Triangle PubSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/05/10Blue Ribbon BoysEl CorazonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
04/03/10Wrecked ChordsMarginal Way SkateparkSeattle, WA3:00pmMap
03/27/10Wrecked ChordsBlue MoonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/19/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/17/10Blue Ribbon BoysSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/12/10Wrecked ChordsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/12/10Neon NightsThe UndergroundSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/09/10Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/05/10Blue Ribbon BoysTiger LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/05/10Neon NightsTiger LoungeSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
03/03/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/28/10Blue Ribbon BoysThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/24/10Wrecked ChordsThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/20/10Rat City RuckusClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
02/20/10Neon NightsA Terrible BeautyRenton, WA9:00pmMap
02/18/10Wrecked ChordsBob's Java JiveTacoma, WA9:00pmMap
01/30/10Donnie's Bigtop!RendezvousSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/29/10Blue Ribbon BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
01/23/10Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/16/10Neon NightsMirkwoodArlington, WA9:00pmMap
01/15/10Neon NightsWinterlandBremerton, WA9:00pmMap
01/08/10Neon NightsClub MSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/02/10Blue Ribbon BoysEgg Room (above El Corazon)Seattle, WA11:00pmMap
01/02/10Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/02/10Rat City RuckusThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/02/10Blue Ribbon BoysThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/31/09Neon Nights New Years EveThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/20/09Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/19/09Rat City RuckusAlki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
12/16/09Neon NightsHell's KitchenTacoma, WA9:00pmMap
12/11/09Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/10/09Neon NightsAsh Street SaloonPortland, OR9:00pmMap
12/04/09Rat City RuckusFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/25/09Rat City RuckusMixSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/20/09Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/20/09Neon NightsReBarSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/15/09Party for Ben Hills (Wrecked Chords & others)The Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/13/09Blue Ribbon BoysClub MSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/13/09Rat City RuckusThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/13/09Neon NightsVictory LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/10/09Neon NightsChop SueySeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/10/09Wrecked ChordsChop SueySeattle, WA9:00pmMap
11/07/09Wrecked ChordsThe Shanty TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/06/09Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/31/09Rat City RuckusAlki TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/31/09Neon NightsShadowlandSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/30/09Neon NightsBlue MoonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/30/09Rat City Plays their last time at the Bit as we know it2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/25/09Neon NightsThe Sunset TavernSeattle, WA4:00pmMap
10/24/09Neon NightsWinterlandBremerton, WA8:00pmMap
10/23/09Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
10/23/09Neon NightsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/15/09Neon NightsHell's KitchenTacoma, WA8:00pmMap
10/09/09Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/08/09Neon NightsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/08/09Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/03/09Neon Nights2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA5:00pmMap
09/30/09Blue Ribbon Boys / Wrecked ChordsSans SouciVentura, CA9:00pmMap
09/19/09Blue Ribbon BoysClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/19/09Neon NightsFlights PubEverett, WA9:00pmMap
09/18/09Neon NightsThe LabSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
09/12/09Neon NightsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/07/09Rat City RuckusClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/05/09Rat City RuckusNew Frontier LoungeTacoma, WA9:00pmMap
09/05/09Wrecked ChordsThe Sunset TavernSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/30/09Neon NightsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/29/09Blue Ribbon BoysThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/23/09Rat City Ruckus / Tony's Birthday2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/22/09CD RELEASE PARTY X 4! Neon Nights, Rat City Ruckus, Wrecked Chords & Blue Ribbon BoysTiger LoungeSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/15/09Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
08/14/09Rat City RuckusWinterlandBremerton, WA8:00pmMap
08/08/09Rat City RuckusThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/07/09Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/23/09Neon Nights CD Listening PartyJujuSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/19/09Neon Nights on KISW Loud & Local11:00pm
07/18/09White Center Jubilee Days - Blue Ribbon BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA6:30pmMap
07/18/09Rat City RuckusFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/17/09Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/14/09Wrecked ChordsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/12/09Rat City RuckusClub MSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/11/09Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/10/09Wrecked ChordsShoWare CenterKent, WA6:00pmMap
07/10/09Wrecked ChordsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
07/02/09Rat City RuckusBlue MoonSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
06/30/09Neon NightsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
06/27/09Block Party Neon Nights, Blue Ribbon Boys & Wrecked ChordsKent Block PartyKent, WA1:30pmMap
06/09/09Wrecked ChordsHigh DiveSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/29/09Wrecked ChordsWinterlandBremerton, WA9:00pmMap
05/23/09Blue Ribbon BoysThe LabSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
05/22/09Rat City Ruckus & Blue Ribbon Boys @ Punklife FestivalFunhouseSeattle, WATBDMap
05/20/09Rat City RuckusStudio 7Seattle, WA7:30pmMap
05/18/09Wrecked ChordsThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/14/09Neon NightsThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/09/09Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/09/09Blue Ribbon BoysThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
05/09/09Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
04/24/09Wrecked ChordsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/23/09Wrecked ChordsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/22/09Neon Nights & Blue Ribbon BoysGalway ArmsSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/20/09Wrecked Chords2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/18/09Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/18/09Rat City RuckusBeacon Hill PubSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/11/09Blue Ribbin Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/04/09Neon NightsWinterlandBremerton, WA9:00pmMap
04/04/09Rat City Ruckus & Blue Ribbon BoysBison Creek PizzaBurien, WA8:00pmMap
04/03/09Blue Ribbin BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/03/09Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
04/02/09Neon NightsMotorSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/21/09Blue Ribbon BoysSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/19/09Neon NightsEl CorazonSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
03/17/09Neon NightsChop SueySeattle, WA9:00pmMap
03/14/09Rat City RuckusTony V's GarageEverett, WA9:00pmMap
02/21/09Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/18/09Neon NightsFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/15/09Blue Ribbon BoysThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
02/07/09Donnie's Birthday!!Bender'sRenton, WA9:00pmMap
02/05/09Blue Ribbon BoysBlue MoonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
01/16/09Rat City RuckusFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/20/08Neon NightsWaldo'sKirkland, WA9:00pmMap
12/19/08Neon Nights & Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/13/08Neon NightsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/05/08Rat City Ruckus2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
12/05/08Blue Ribbon BoysRendezvousSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/30/08Rat City RuckusSkylark CafeSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
11/01/08Rat City Ruckus2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/31/08Neon NightsThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/04/08Blue Ribbon BoysKing CobraSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
10/04/08Neon Nights2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
10/03/08Blue Ribbon BoysFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
10/03/08Neon NightsThe CometSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/27/08Neon Nights & Rat City RuckusThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/23/08Neon NightsFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/16/08Blue Ribbon BoysThe Sunset TavernSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/12/08Neon NightsChop SueySeattle, WA8:00pmMap
09/11/08Blue Ribbon BoysThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
09/07/08Rat City RuckusGoldie'sSeattle, WA6:00pmMap
08/30/08Rat City RuckusThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/30/08Neon NightsFunhouseSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
08/29/08Rat City RuckusEl CorazonSeattle, WA5:00pmMap
08/23/08Neon NightsKing CobraSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/16/08Neon NightsThe Central SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/15/08Rat City RuckusWaldo'sKirkland, WA8:00pmMap
08/10/08Blue Ribbon BoysFunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
08/08/08Rat City RuckusFull Tilt Ice CreamSeattle, WA8:00pmMap
08/02/08Neon NightsSlim's Last ChanceSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/26/08Neon Nights & Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA9:00pmMap
07/19/08Rat City RuckusBender'sRenton, WA9:00pmMap
07/04/08Rat City RuckusOly House PartyOlympia, WA8:00pmMap
06/07/08Blue Ribbon Boys2 Bit SaloonSeattle, WA11:00pmMap
06/07/08Neon Nights CD Release Party!Alki TavernSeattle, WA7:00pmMap
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