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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

Monday Update for November 25th

Hey it’s the Monday Update! Welcome to it. This week we don’t have any shows to tell you about but what we do have is another downloadable album for you. It’s Donnie’s Bigtop Compilation that we did for a charity back in 2010. This album has some tracks that you can’t find anywhere else!

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving (if you’re from the USA) and a great week!


Monday Update for November 18th

Welcome to the Update! This week we don’t have any new shows to tell you about but what we do have is another way for you to check out The Heels!

Their new album, “Fetish”, is now available for you to buy by the song or get the whole album digitally.

We hope you enjoy it!

Don’t forget to check back here next week!

Rat City Invasion Digital Release!

So way back in 2005 we put out our first compilation CD. Recorded in one day with three bands, duplicated one at a time on two computers, printed and hand folded inserts done many nights in a row in a one room Ballard apartment. It was a lot of work and we started Rockin’ Stan.

So your anyone who still has one cheers to you but if you missed it we now have a digital release for you. Name you price on single songs but get the whole album plus two bonus tracks when you pay a whopping $5 for the whole thing.

The compilation features the very first bands on our label Blue Ribbon Boys, Rat City Ruckus, and Snot Rockettes.

We will likely be making more music available in a digital format so stay tuned for that as well. In the meantime… Enjoy our first record!

Monday Update for November 11th

It’s your Monday update showing up a little late in the day. I was trying to get something done for a special announcement but you’ll have to wait because it’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would to finish… It’s a blast from the past just for you and it will be here soon. I might even leave you a little hint before the update is all over.

In the meantime I have no new shows to tell you about but I do have some dates that are brewing and will be up on the calendar as soon as I hear from the bands that tell me they have things in the works. It’s like herding cats but that, has always been, the nature of the beast we know as Rockin’ Stan Records.

So keep you eyes peeled right here for new information…

Thanks for your support!

Hinty hint hint

Monday Update for November 4th

Nothing new for today but stay tuned for some news about some shows and other stuff in the near future.