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Monthly Archive for March, 2009

Tony is famous again…

If getting his tattoo in a book wasn’t enough for him. Now Tony from Rat City Ruckus has gone and got himself into the Seattle Times….

Tony Changing Tires

Concrete Disciples plug Rat City Ruckus

Roy at Concrete Disciples writes a column called Ear Pollution and gave a mention of Rat City Ruckus. Check out Ear Pollution for yourself!

Fuck Prozac, you say? I want loud, fast, ugly and profane? Well my friends, there’s plenty of that out there too. Here’s a local band, Rat City Ruckus, and I think they would take loud, fast, ugly and profane as a compliment. And then they would probably punch me in the face or something.

Pretty much ideal for popping in the boom box to hype the session up, right?

Thanks Roy!

The Wrecked Chords and more….

Rockin’ Stan Records is proud to announce another group that we are adding to our label. The Wrecked Chords. Check out their myspace and see what they are about.

Wrecked Chords

The Wrecked Chords will be putting out an album this summer along with Neon Nights, Rat City Ruckus and Blue Ribbon Boys.

In the Studio

Rat City Ruckus are in M.O.B. which means that Rockin’ Stan is poised to release two records this summer. Watch for more news about that here.

Johnny Durango Button Monkey

Johnny Durango Button Monkey

push the button monkey!

Calendar Update

The Rockin’ Stan Calendar has been updated with shows as soon as Saturday all the way into May. Check it out here