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Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Rockin’ Stan is Busy!

Tonight it’s Blue Ribbon Boys at The Central J & M Cafe (Duh!).

Friday Night get to El Corazon by 5pm to see the Rat City Ruckus.

And if that wasn’t enough….

Saturday Night has The Rat City Ruckus at the Central and Neon Nights at the Fun House for a skaterock benefit for marginal way.

Check the calendar for details and see you out there in Rockland!

Blue Ribbon Boys This Thursday

Neon Nights, Spittin’ Cobras Saturday

Neon Nights on the Preliminary REVERBfest list

REVERBfest is put on by the Seattle Weekly and the Neon Nights are on the preliminary list according to the Seattle Weekly blog REVERB.


Free Rat City Ruckus Downloads!

Did you know that you can download Rat City Ruckus for free at Amie Street? You can for a limited time anyway. The first people that get there and get it will get it for free.